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Web Links

These Web sites will provide you with background information.


Answer Key

Be an Ontario Ranger Activity


Web Links

The Salt Institute

Salt is a commonly used item, both in our homes and on our icy streets. This Web site by the Salt Institute of Canada provides information about salt and salt production in Canada. Students can click on several links to find interesting news and information on many salt-related topics.


The Ontario Rangers

The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources gives students the opportunity to work as an Ontario ranger. Students can find out about this and other youth programs at this Web site. While students must be 17 years old to apply for a summer job as a ranger, they can find out important information they need to know if they would like to consider applying for a position when they reach the qualifying age.


Answer Key

Be an Ontario Ranger!


All books in the InfoCanada Geographical Regions series include Career features. The Ontario Rangers Web site focuses on the Rangers Program, which offers students the opportunity to spend a summer as a park ranger. This exercise makes work and careers more real to students as they think about summer work programs in their own futures. As an extension, you can download an application form and have students practice filling it out. If students do not live in Ontario, you might ask them to find out about similar summer work programs in their own province.


After students have completed the activity, review their responses to the Web site evaluation and discuss the reasons for their answers.



Answer Key


  1. Students should include the six points described on the Web site.
  2. Students are paid the current minimum wage in Ontario, with the cost of room and board deducted from their pay. They also receive vacation pay.
  3. Students are advised to bring one pair of 8" steel shank and toe work boots and two pairs of leather-reinforced work gloves.
  4. Applicants must be 17 years old and an Ontario student in good physical condition.
  5. Students' answers will vary.



Click here to view the student activity.