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The Cordillera: Why People Visit Student Centre

Web Links

Here are some Web sites to help you with your research.

Web Activity

Beautiful British Columbia


Web Links

Parks Canada

Canada's national parks protect the natural environment. Many national parks are scattered throughout the Cordillera. This Web site from Parks Canada takes you to these parks. This particular link takes you to Kluane National Park in Yukon. If you would like to visit other national parks in the region, click on the link to British Columbia.


Beautiful BC

The name of this Web site says it all! British Columbia is indeed a beautiful place. There are many different activities for tourists, from whale watching to mountain hiking to snow skiing. This on-line travel guide lets you click on a region on the home page map to find a variety of activities and attractions.


Tour Yukon

Yukon is another exciting tourism destination. This Web site provides a lot of information for anyone planning a trip there. You can click on the Just for Kids link to view photographs and a video about this northern part of the Cordillera.


Web Activity

Beautiful British Columbia


Visit the Beautiful BC Web site to find information to design and create a three-day vacation prize package for two visitors to Canada's Pacific coast province.


•  Choose a region from the online travel map or from the list of regions in the left column of the home page.


•  Once you have selected a region, click on Accommodations to find a hotel, inn, or bed and breakfast that will be included in the vacation prize package. Write a brief description of the accommodation you select and make a note of its location. Print out any maps and photographs.


•  Next, choose three attractions in the area to include in the prize package. Write a brief description of each attraction and make note of its location. Print out any maps and photographs.


•  Print out a copy of the regional map. Label the locations of the accommodation and attractions you have selected.


•  Create a promotional brochure for your vacation contest. Include the map and photographs and write appropriate descriptions.



Web Site Evaluation


When you have finished your work, evaluate the Web site by completing the appropriate statement in parts A and B.


Part A

•  I liked this Web site because.

•  I did not like this Web site because.


Part B

•  I found this Web site easy to use because.

•  I found this Web site hard to use because.