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The Canadian Shield: Foods of the Region Teacher Centre

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A Farmland Oasis

Traditionally, hunting and fishing provided the food staples in many parts of the Canadian Shield. Because of the physical landscape, there have been limited opportunities for agriculture. One exception is the region known as the Clay Belt near the town of Kapuskasing, Ontario. The glacial deposits found in this area have created a small oasis of farmland that is suitable for cattle ranching and mixed farming. By searching the town of Kapuskasing Web site using the keyword agriculture, students can learn more about the importance of the Clay Belt to the local food supply.

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

The federal Department of Agriculture Web site provides information and links to a wide variety of information about agriculture in Canada. Students have the opportunity to search this site to find facts and information about food and agriculture in the Canadian Shield. They can also learn more about some of the current issues facing the food and agriculture industry.