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The Canadian Shield: Plants and Animals Student Centre

Web Links

Here are some Web sites to help you with your research.



Web Links

Hinterland Who's Who

You've probably noticed that different animals appear on some of Canada's coins. In the wild, you'd most likely find these animals in the Canadian Shield. At this Web site, you can learn about the many birds, mammals, insects, amphibians, and reptiles of the region.

Canada's Forests

What are the three main vegetation zones of the Canadian Shield? If you answered tundra, boreal forest, and mixed forest, you're right. The boreal forest is the largest of these three zones. At this Web site, you can compare the boreal forest with other forests in Canada. You'll also find good descriptions and photographs of forests.

The Virtual Forest

You will find a lot of information about the plants and animals of the Canadian Shield at this Web site. There's even a glossary with pictures to help you out! You can also learn about plants and animals in other boreal forests around the world. Check out some of the activities and projects at the site, too.