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The Canadian Shield: Location & Landscape Student Centre

Web Links

Here are some Web sites to help you with your research.


Web Activity

Canada's Earth Materials


Web Links

Canadian Landscapes

The Canadian Shield covers such a huge part of the country, there's a good chance that if you don't live there, you may at least have visited! If you have, then you may already know that there are many interesting landscapes and landforms to see. You can view some of these through the many pictures at this Web site. To see these images, select a region within the Canadian Shield and a list of landforms.

Geoscape Canada

Do you want to learn more about how the ancient rocks of the Canadian Shield were formed? Do you like working with interactive maps? Then this is the Web site for you. You can use this map to see the many geological features of the Canadian Shield. By using the interactive layers, you can gain an understanding of how these features came together millions of years ago.


If you've worked with the interactive map at Geoscape and you still have questions, try this Web site. It offers clear information about the rocks of the Canadian Shield.

Web Activity

Canada's Earth Materials


The Web site from Natural Resources Canada provides you with a map showing the materials that make up Canada's physical landscape.



  1. Click here to get an outline map of the Canadian Shield.
  2. Look at the Natural Resources Canada Web link.
  3. Identify the two pink-coloured rocks shown in the legend of the Natural Resources Canada map.
  4. Draw these rock patterns on your outline map of the Canadian Shield. Make a map legend.
  5. Look at the Natural Resources Canada Web link again.
  6. Click on the Canadian Shield link in the left column beside the map to view photographs of the region. Examine the two photos (Figure 32: Volcanic Rock and Figure 33: Folded Gneiss) and make three observations about each one.
  7. Explain why it is difficult for plants to grow in this landscape.



Web Site Evaluation


When you have finished your work, evaluate the Web site by completing the appropriate statements in parts A and B.


Part A

•  I liked this Web site because.

•  I did not like this Web site because.


Part B

•  I found this Web site easy to use because.

•  I found this Web site hard to use because.