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Web Links

Here are some Web links to help you with your research.

Web Activities

Here are some activities to help you gather information from the Web sites:


?_Geography Oral Presentation




Web Links

Government of British Columbia

What are BC's largest resource industries? How many visitors came to BC last year? What movies and TV shows are filmed, and how many people are employed by the film industry? Click on "BC Facts" to locate information about natural resources, the film industry, and tourism in BC.

BC Farm Products

Find out about more than 50 farm products at this BC government Web site. Are cherries good for you? What's the nutritional value of a cabbage? Where are B.C.'s ostrich and emu farms? Find answers to these and many more questions!


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Web Activity

?_Geography Oral Presentation

1. Visit the BC Farm Products Web site.

2. Browse through the information on the different types of plants and

    livestock farmed in B.C.

3. Choose one of the BC Farm Products to research. Click here to

    download a worksheet on which to record your information.

4. Prepare a brief oral presentation based on the information you gathered.