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The Arctic: Transportation Teacher Centre

Web Links

These Web sites will provide you with background information.


Web Links

Canadian Heritage Transportation Gallery

Visit the Canadian Heritage site and click on the Transportation section to find excellent photographs and illustrations of different methods of transportation used in Canada. Of particular interest to the study of the Arctic region is the link to Ships and Boats and then connecting to the Kayak link. These illustrations can be used as a basis for comparing modern kayaks and their recreational uses with their traditional uses.

The Canadian Coast Guard Icebreaking Program
Water transportation is a major theme in the regional geography of the Arctic. From the historic search for a Northwest Passage to the modern movement of oil tankers, water and ice have always presented a challenge to transportation in the region. The task of creating shipping lanes through the ice and maintaining Canadian sovereignty falls to the coast guard. This site lists the icebreaking fleet and provides links to other information about the icebreaking program.