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The Arctic: Foods of the Region  Teacher Centre

Web Links

These Web sites will provide you with background information.



Web Links

Nunavut 99: Changing the Map of Canada

Nunavut 99 is a useful source of information on resource development in the Arctic. The link button Inuit and the Land as One leads to information about sources of food and the tradition of sharing these resources to ensure the survival of all in this harsh environment. The Subsistence Economy is another useful link.

Arctic Char

Arctic Char is a food staple for the people of the Arctic, both in the past and today. This Web page offers a good description of this nutritious fish and its habitat, including an illustration and a map. A link to nutrition explains the health benefits of eating Arctic Char. There are also links to other food sources in the region, including caribou, musk ox, polar bear, and ringed seal.