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Web Links

Here are some Web sites to help you with your research.

Web Activity

Weather Winners!



Web Links

The Weather Office

Most Canadians like to talk about the weather! If you're one of them, you'll want to visit the Weather Office. This site from Environment Canada provides daily weather maps for North America. You can find information for specific regions, such as the Appalachians. You can also view radar and satellite images. The five-day forecast is available for places across the country. The site is updated daily. This is a good place to help you complete weather-related activities.

Weather Winners

What's the windiest city in Canada? What's the snowiest city? What's the foggiest city? If you are interested in answers to questions like these, check this Web site. It provides weather information in many categories, such as "most typical Canadian cities" and "toughest weather cities." You can search for weather winners in the Appalachian region by city or by weather event.


Web Activity

Weather Winners!


The Web site from Environment Canada provides information about weather and weather records across Canada.


  1. Select the Weather Winners Highlights from the left column on the Weather Winners home page.
  2. Click on the Highlight Table of Weather Winners, which shows the top three cities in 16 weather categories. Print the table.
  3. Circle the cities found in the Appalachian region using the map on page 3 of the Appalachian Highland Student Book as a guide.
  4. Click here to print an outline map of the Appalachian region. Then plot the cities you have circled. Label each city and record its weather record(s) beside each one.
  5. Give your map the title Weather Record Cities.



Web Site Evaluation


When you have finished your work, evaluate the Web site by completing the appropriate statements in parts A and B.


Part A

•  I liked this Web site because.

•  I did not like this Web site because.


Part B

•  I found this Web site easy to use because.

•  I found this Web site hard to use because.