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Web Links

These Web sites will provide you with background information.


Web Activities

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?_Geography Oil and Natural Gas Crossword Puzzle
?_Geography Venn Diagram for Agriculture




Web Links

Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers
The petroleum industry is key in Alberta. This Web site provides information on the history of the industry, how oil and natural gas are discovered and produced, and what economic impact the industry has on people across Canada.

Alberta’s Forest Products
Alberta’s forests are one of the province’s main renewable resources. The Alberta Forest Products Association Web site contains links to all aspects of the forestry industry. Visitors will find forest industry facts and links to other forestry groups. Students can even find out how to plant and care for seedlings in the educational resources section.

Growing Alberta
The Growing Alberta Web site has links to a multitude of agricultural producer groups in the province. A little exploration will lead visitors to some other amazing trivia about Alberta agriculture. For example, did you know that canola is used as an ingredient in airplane de-icing agents; that oats are a secret ingredient in many shampoos and skin care products; or that diabetic test strips contain an enzyme found in horseradish?

Travel Alberta
Alberta’s natural wonders and rich culture draw tourists from around the world. People come to explore national and provincial parks, to enjoy the many festivals held across the province, and even to go shopping in the world’s largest mall. The Travel Alberta site provides links to information about all of these features of the province.

Alberta Department of Energy
This site has information about oil and natural gas, oil sands, electricity, coal, and minerals.

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Answer Keys

?_Geography Oil and Natural Gas Crossword Puzzle

Click here for the answer key.


?_Geography Venn Diagram for Agriculture

Click here for the assessement rubric.
Click here to view the student activity.