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Web Links

These Web Sites will provide you with background information.


Answer Keys

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?_Geography  Weather Activity
?_Geography  Plant Hardiness Zones Activity
?_Geography  Bioregions




Web Links

Environment Alberta: Alberta’s Basins
If you live in Alberta, you live in the watershed of one of seven major river basins. The Peace, Athabasca, Hay, North Saskatchewan, South Saskatchewan, Beaver, and Milk rivers drain the province and provide water for personal use and industry. This Alberta Environment Web site will connect you to basic information about these rivers.

Environment Canada’s Weather Office
This site has it all: from five-day weather forecasts to severe weather warnings, and animated satellite and RADAR imagery. Information is provided in both English and French.

Alberta Climate Normals
What is a “normal” winter? Are we getting “normal” precipitation? The term “climate normals” is used to summarize or describe the average climatic conditions of a particular location. This Environment Canada Web site provides climate normals for the various stations in Canada.

The source for data on this site comes from Canadian climate stations from 1971 to 2000. Locate climate data by selecting a province from the drop-down menu.

Plant Hardiness Zones
The Plant Hardiness Zones map on this site from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada outlines where specific types of trees, shrubs and flowers will thrive. It provides informaton on the average climatic conditions of each area along with a range of climatic variables, including minimum winter temperatures, length of the frost-free period, summer rainfall, maximum temperatures, snow cover, January rainfall, and maximum wind speed.


Special Places: Alberta’s Bioregions
This site helps students explore Alberta’s bioregions and provides links to Alberta’s Special Places, Species at Risk, and Canadian and international environmental groups.



Answer Keys

?_Geography Weather Activity

             Evaluation:1 mark for each blank completed correctly.

                             Total Marks: 24


             Click here to view the student activity.


?_Geography Plant Hardiness Zones

            Evaluation Part A: One mark for each blank filled accurately for the 

                                         STATIONS selected.

            Five marks for the conclusion in question #11.

            Total   marks:    30

            Click here to view the student activity.


?_Geography Bioregions

            Evaluation: Click here to download the chart with marking scheme.

            Click here to view the student activity.