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Web Links

Here are some Web links to help you with your research.

Web Activities

Here are some activities to help you gather information from the Web sites:

?_Geography Oil and Natural Gas Crossword Puzzle
?_Geography Venn Diagram for Agriculture




Web Links

Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers
When people think of industry in Alberta, one of the first things that they think of is oil. The petroleum industry is very important to Alberta, and this site is a great place to start if you want more information. By clicking on “How Our Industry Works” in the menu on the left, you can find information on how oil and natural gas are found and used.

Alberta Forest Products Association
Alberta’s forests are one of the province’s main renewable resources. The Alberta Forest Products Association Web site contains links to all aspects of the forestry industry. You can even find out how to plant and care for seedlings in the educational resources section.

Growing Alberta
Agriculture is an important industry to everyone who eats! The Growing Alberta Web site has links to many agricultural producer groups in the province. Their work is part of the reason that Alberta’s high quality and safe agricultural products are known around the world. A little exploration will lead you to some amazing information. For example, did you know that oats are a secret ingredient in many shampoos and skin care products? This site is full of surprises.

Travel Alberta
Alberta’s natural wonders and rich culture draw tourists from around the world. People come to explore national and provincial parks, to enjoy the many festivals held across the province, and even to go shopping in the world’s largest mall. The Travel Alberta site provides links to just about any type of recreation you can imagine.

Alberta Department of Energy
Alberta has a lot of energy, and the provincial Department of Energy has a site to tell you about it! Here, you can follow numerous links to find information about oil and natural gas, oil sands, electricity, coal, and minerals.

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Web Activities

?_Geography Oil and Natural Gas Crossword Puzzle

Use the following Web pages to locate information to help you complete the attached crossword puzzle:

        History and Origins of Oil and Natural Gas

        Finding Oil and Natural Gas

Click the link below to print the crossword puzzle:

            Print the crossword puzzle


?_Geography Venn Diagram for Agriculture

A Venn diagram is a means of recording and presenting information using circles. This type of diagram was developed by John Venn nearly 100 years ago.


1. Visit the Venn Diagram Web site.

2. Read the first four points that explain how Venn diagrams work. Make notes for your reference.

Part B:

In this activity, you will build a Venn diagram to present information about the agricultural industries in Alberta.

1. Visit the Growing Alberta Web site.

2. You will see the following categories of agricultural products
     from Alberta in the light-green menu bar near the top of the page:

Meat, Poultry, Fish
Cereals, Grains
Canned, Packaged, Frozen
Dairy, Eggs

   Click on one of these categories.

3. On the right side of the page, you will see a list of links. These links
     provide information about the industries that make up your
     agricultural product category.

   Choose two of these links (industries) to explore.

Ask yourself these questions:
What five things do I know about these industries?
What characteristics do these industries have in common?
What characteristics do these industries not have in common?

4. Click here to print the circles shown below. Write five things that you
     know about both industries. Use one circle for each industry.

     Industry A _________________


               Industry B _______________



5. Click here to print the circle shown below. In the circle, list the
     characteristics that both industries have in common.



6. Click here to print the circle shown below. In the circle, list the          characteristics that the industries do not have in common.

7. Click here to print the Venn diagram below. Use the information
     you have gathered to complete the diagram.

a. List the characteristics that the industries have in common in the spot
    where the two circles meet.
b. List the characteristics that the industries do not have in common outside
    of the spot where the two circles meet.

  My Venn Diagram for the ____________________ Industries