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  1.1  Classifying Substances
  1.2  Pure Substances and Mixtures
  1.3  Filtering Mechanical Mixtures
  1.4  Are All Solvents Alike?
  1.5 How Do Solutions Form?
  1.6  Flaky Baking
  1.7  The Rate of Dissolving
  1.8  Saturated or Unsaturated?
  1.9  Solubility and Saturation
  1.10  Separating Mixtures
  1.11  Using Gases
  1.12  Products from Raw Materials
  1.13  Concrete for Construction
  1.14  Solvents in the Laundry
  1.15  The Importance of Water
  1.16  Testing Water Quality
  1.17  How Hard is the Water?
  1.18  Household Hazardous Waste
  1.19  Cleaning Up Our Water
  1.20  Wetlands Preservation
  1.21  Water Additives


Section Links
Classifying Substances

Separations.  Illustrations of a variety of techniques used by chemists to separate substances from mixtures and solutions.

Matter.  All the facts in quick-reference form, with diagrams and definitions.

Pure Substances and Mixtures
Mixtures and Pure Substances.  Some basic definitions and examples.

Mixtures and solutions.  Four scientists explain the difference between mixtures and solutions, with everyday examples.

Filtering Mechanical Mixtures
General Chemistry Online:Chromatography.  
A well illustrated page covering the basics of chromatography, with a dozen techniques for separating mixtures.

Gold Panning Panning Technique.  A real "how-to" guide.


Are All Solvents Alike?


What is Dry Cleaning?  Description of drycleaning process sponsored by the Better Business Bureau of Eastern Massachusetts, Main and Vermont.

Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Restoration.  Offers cleanup information, a guide to the injured ecosystem, and descriptions of ongoing activities to preserve the environment.

Flaky Baking
Pie Recipe Guides and Directories.  Links to pages of pie recipes.
The Rate of Dissolving

Pop Art.  A straightforward guide to brewing soda at home.


or Unsaturated?
Bizarre Crystals.  Grow your own crystals. There are many recipes for crystals on this site, plus good illustrations.

Physics of Snow Crystals.  This site is all about snow crystals and snowflakes. Although a common meteorological phenomenon, snow crystal growth is a fascinating and poorly understood process, in which remarkably complex and beautifully symmetric structures appear, quite literally, out of thin air.

The Unnatural Museum - Experiment Growing Crystals.   A quick-and-easy method of forming crystals of salt and sugars.

Separating Mixtures

General Chemistry Online Home Companion: Matter: Separating Mixtures.  A point-form summary (written for advanced chemistry students) of separation techniques for different kinds of mixtures.


How do neon lights work?  A Page at HOW THINGS WORK. Type in "neon signs" in the search engine. It explains how neon signs are made and work.

Decompression Sickness.   In depth information about decompression sickness.

Decompression Sickness (Caisson Disease; The Bends).  A disorder resulting from reduction of surrounding pressure (as in ascent from a dive, exit from a caisson or hyperbaric chamber).

Alternative energy.  A list of links to sites dealing with many different kinds of alternative energy.

Alternative fuel vehicles.  A variety of links on alternative vehicle design, costs, tests, and even where to refuel in the U.S.A.

Clean cities.  A list of sites promoting clean cities in the U.S.A.


Products from Raw Materials
GT Bicycles: Materials.  A commercial site advertising top-of-the-line bikes with details on materials and specifications.

Advanced ceramics.  A commercial site showing ceramics developed with particular properties for specific purposes.

UK Steel Association - How steel is made. Diagrams showing steel process routes. Text descriptions of steel processes and products. Examples of the varied end uses of steel product.

OIL: The Chemistry Industry and History.  A good site that explains how oil is refined and much more.

Concrete for Construction

The Confederation Bridge.  A site about the Confederation Bridge by the company that supplied the cement. Learn all about the different kinds of concrete used in this massive project.


Solvents in the Laundry
Spot & Stain Removal Guide.  How to get most stains out using a variety of commercial or household solvents.

Web Service Company - Grass to Grease. Another stain-removal site.

The Importance of Water
Council of Canadians Water Campaign.  This site outlines the many campaigns of the Council, including fighting the export of Canadian water.

US Environmental Protection Agency Water Resources.  A searchable online database and a huge store of publicly available information about wetlands, wastewater, etc., from the EPA. Maps are also available as part of this useful resource.

The Nature Conservancy.  A great place to find out what's new in the area of nature conservation from the organization that works to conserve natural habitats and species by purchasing the land and waters they need to survive.


Testing Water Quality
Clean Water - Life Depends on It!  An Environment Canada site containing many useful facts.

Morton Salt.  The advantages of water softening, from an industry point of view..

Magnetic Water Treatment.  A commercial site, selling a magnetic treatment for hard water problems.

Household Hazardous Waste
Virtual House.  An interactive Web site providing information on hazardous products. You can tour the rooms of the Virtual House and click on products typically found there to learn more about a product's hazard, personal protection, safer alternatives, and best management practices.

Household Hazardous Wastes.  This page from The Household Hazardous Waste Project has many Guide sheets about: Household Hazardous Products, Identifying Product Hazards Material Safety Data Sheets, Safe Use Storage and Disposal of Paint, Home Hazardous Product Survey.


Up Our Water
Great Lakes United.  An international coalition dedicated to preserving and protecting the Great Lakes — St. Lawrence River ecosystem.
Wetlands Preservation
Upper Thames River Conservation Authority. Information about efforts made to preserve and improve the environment of the Thames River in Southwestern Ontario.

Audubon Wetlands Campaign.  An American organization promoting public involvement in preserving wetlands.

Society of Wetland Scientists - Wetland Jobs.
A list of sites containing job postings or volunteer opportunities — most in the U.S.A.


Water Additives
Facts About Fluoridation.  Fluoride fact sheet that offers an overview of both sides of the fluoride debate. With links to articles that discuss each side of the controversy.

Fluoride Issues.  An independent site with links to other sites concerned about water fluoridation.

Fluoride Protected Pollutant or Panacea?  The "con" side of fluoridation.

Preventive Dental Health Association.  An association dedicated to providing public information and support on dental health issues; generally against fluoridation.

Scientific Facts on the Biological Effects of Fluorides.  Quotations taken from scientific journals highlighting concerns about fluoridation.

International Society for Fluoride Research.  Online source of articles on the effects of fluoride compounds.

Fluoride-wise, it ought to be two strikes and you’re out.  One writer's view on a proposal to add fluoride to all drinking water in Pennsylvania.

Toronto Voters may get teeth into fluoride issue.  Should the City of Toronto have put a question on the 2000 municipal election ballot asking residents if they want to continue adding fluoride to their drinking water? One reporter's findings.

More Government Research Shows Fluoridation Creates More Harm Than Good.  A New York perspective.

Study Finds Correlation Between Fluorides In Water And Lead Levels.  Is lead poisoning linked to fluoridation?