Solve Problems Using Guess and Test

Short Answer


The number of centimetres in the perimeter of a rectangle is 3 more than the number of square centimetres in its area. What is the width of the rectangle?


The sum of three rational numbers is sa002-1.jpg. Two of the numbers have a denominator of 4. The quotient of two of the numbers is 3. The product of two of the numbers is sa002-2.jpg. What are the three rational numbers?


A rational number with a denominator of 5 is divided by sa003-1.jpg. The result is multiplied by sa003-2.jpg and then sa003-3.jpg is added. the final result is 0. What was the original rational number?


The product of two opposites is -5.0625. What are the rational numbers?
Use a calculator to help you guess and test.


Two rational numbers are added. The sum is sa005-1.jpg. The smaller number divided by the larger number is sa005-2.jpg. What are the rational numbers?

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