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Surf for More Math

CHAPTER 10: Probability

Lesson 2: Probability of Independent Events

Use these interactive activities to encourage students to have fun on the Web while learning about probability. Students can try these activities on their own or in pairs.

Use pictures or charts to determine the probability of two independent events.

Builds Upon
Student Book pages 422–427


Instructions for Use

Leap Frog allows students to explore the idea of probability of an independent event (spinning a spinner) and how it relates to trying to win the Leap Frog game.

Read through the activity, completing each section as you go along. You will be asked to explain your thinking, and to draw a picture or chart to show possible outcomes.


Probability Spinner allows students to create a probability spinner and create an outcome table that reflects all possible outcomes of spinning their spinner.

Click the + (plus) sign to create as many sections for your spinner as you wish. Click on the colours below and then click on a section of the spinner to make that section that colour. Once you have completed your spinner, draw an outcome table for spinner the spinner two times—what are all of the possible outcomes of two spins?

Then, click the “Spin” button, record the result, click the “Spin” button a second time, record the result. Find the outcome of those two spins on your outcome table.