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Chapter 9: Linear Relations and Linear Equations

The Long Wait


It’s difficult to save money when you’re working part-time.



Your friend Andre works part-time as a painter and he is saving his money so he can buy your favourite video game. How long will you have to wait until you can play it with him?



  1. What is the video game you most want to play? Go to to see a selection of games. What platform does it operate on?

  2. Andre doesn’t have the equipment to play the game. He has to buy all the equipment first, including the platform.

  3. Andre works 25 hours each week to make $225 dollars. Andre doesn’t want to use all the money he makes to buy games. He saves 30% of his earnings every week for college tuition. He spends another 50% on clothes, movie tickets, music, and so on. He spends $30 each week getting to work and on food and drinks while he’s working.

  4. How long will it be before you and Andre can play the game, if you wait for him to buy it? Show your work, and explain how you decided on your answer.





Paper, pencil and calculator


Criteria Work meets standard of excellence Work meets standard of proficiency Work meets acceptable standard Work does not yet meet acceptable standard
Organizes and displays results
Organizes and displays results in effective and clear ways that enhance interpretation. Organizes and displays results in appropriate and clear ways that enhance interpretation. Organizes and displays results in somewhat appropriate and partially clear ways that make inferring necessary by the reader. Organizes and displays results in haphazard and unclear ways that impede interpretation.
Uses mathematical vocabulary and conventions
Uses effective and specific mathematical language and conventions to enhance communcation. Uses appropriate and correct mathematical language and conventions to support communcation. Uses mathematical language and conventions to partially support communcation. Uses mathematical and non-mathematical language and conventions incorrectly and /or inconsistently, which interferes with communcation.
Problem Solving:
Carry out the Plan
Shows flexibility and insight when solving the problem, adapting if necessary. Shows thoughtfulness when solving the problem. Shows understanding when solving the problem. Attempts to solve the problem.