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Chapter 2: Fraction Operations

Fractions and Volcanoes


Volcanoes exist all over the world. Come join us on an explosive scientific adventure. Along the way, you'll discover the recipe for making a homemade volcano erupt. You'll also gather data about real volcanoes.



Use your knowledge of fraction operations to create a recipe for a homemade volcano. Then research some real volcanoes.



  1. Use the Volcanoe Recipe Worksheet. Complete all the fraction operations and rewrite the recipe using your answers. If you can, try the recipe at home to make your own volcano.

  2. Research five different volcanoes from around the world. You can use the following websites and any other sites you want:

    •  Earth's Active Volcanoes
    •  Global Volcanism Program
    •  National Atlas

    For each volcano, determine its latitude and longitude, estimated area, and total number of known eruptions. Once you have completed your research, write a report. Include any additional interesting information that you found while researching each volcano. Also include a graph that represents the total number of eruptions each volcano has experienced. Choose from the following types of graphs: frequency table, bar graph, line graph, or stem-and-leaf plot. Remember, choose a graph that is appropriate for your data.




Earth's Active Volcanoes
Global Volcanism Program

National Atlas


Volcanoe Recipe Worksheet


paper and pencil

markers or coloured pencils



Criteria Work meets standard of excellence Work meets  standard of proficiency Work meets acceptable standard

Work does not yet meet acceptable standard

Reasoning Excellent understanding of fraction operations. Recipe contains no errors. Good understanding of fraction operations. Recipe contains few errors. Basic understanding of fraction operations. Recipe contains multiple errors. Little to no understanding of fraction operations.
Communcation Report is clear and well-organized. Insightful use of visual and written representations. Report is complete and clear. Good use of visual and written representations. Report is complete. Appropriate use of visual and written representations. Report is incomplete. Little use of appropriate visual and written representations.