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Surf For More Math


Lesson 1: Making a Table of Values

Use these interactive activities to encourage your child to have fun on the Web while learning about linear relations and linear equations.

Create a table of values for a given linear relation.

Builds Upon
Student Book pages 366–369


Instructions for Use

Number Cruncher allows your child to create a table of values by entering values in the first column; the activity will generate the second column of values and your child must figure out the rule that is being used to generate the second column of values.

Enter values in the “Input” box and click “Enter”. Your values will be entered in the first column of the table of values; the activity will then generate corresponding values for the second column. When you think you know the rule being use to generate the values in the second column, complete the equation and click the “Check My Rule” button.


Ordered Simple Plot allows your child to plot the points from a table of values.

Select “Show: Light Grid Lines” and “Plot Type: Scatter”. Then, enter your data from any table of values, in the form “x, y” and click the “Plot/Update” button.

Then change to “Plot Type: Connected”. What do you notice about your graph?