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Surf For More Math


Lesson 3: Multiplying by Numbers Less than 1

Use these interactive activities to encourage students to have fun on the Web while learning about decimal numbers. Students can try these activities on their own or in pairs.


Multiply by decimals less than 1.

Builds Upon

Student Book pages 106–109

Instructions for Use

Math Model: Multiplying Decimals shows students how to correctly multiply decimal numbers less than 1.

To use Math Model: Multiply Decimals, read each screen and then click on the “Next” button to advance through the example. Use the “Back” button to review or return to the first screen.

Multiplication of Numbers with One Decimal Digit allows students to practice their skill multiplying numbers to one decimal place.

To use Multiplication of Numbers with One Decimal Digit, read the instructions and then click on each answer box and type in the answer. If correct, a red check mark will appear next to that answer. If not, a red “X” will appear instead. You can correct wrong answers by clicking on them and typing in the correct answer. Click on “Start Again” or “Next Game” to see a new set of problems to solve. No score is kept.