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Chapter 7: 2-D Geometry

Cartesian Grids


What is the Cartesian grid? Why is it important? How does the Cartesian grid work? Through this webquest, you will explore the different aspects of the Cartesian grid system.



Explore the Cartesian Grid by observing how points are plotted on a grid, defining important terms related to the Cartesian Grid, and playing an online game called Avoid the Mines. You will fill in the Cartesian Grid Worksheet, and draw one of your Avoid the Mines games on graph paper.



  1. Use the website Plotting Points to explore the Cartesian grid. Then complete the Cartesian Grid Worksheet. You can use the “Glossary” section of the website to help you.

  2. Play the game Avoid the Mines a few times. Once you have played several games, click “Yes” at the top to randomize the starting positions of the player and the target location. Also use the drop-down menu to select 30 as the Number of Mines. Try to reach the target location—avoiding all mines—in as few moves as possible. Then use a piece of graph paper to draw your 30-mine game. Include all of your moves and where the mines were located.




Plotting Points

Avoid the Mines



Cartesian Grid Worksheet


Grid paper and pencil



  Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Understanding Concepts I have a limited understanding of the Cartesian grid system. I have an understanding of the Cartesian grid system. I have a good understanding of the Cartesian grid system. I have an exceptional understanding of the Cartesian grid system.