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Surf For More Math


Lesson 6: Perpendicular Bisectors


Construct perpendicular bisectors.

Instructions for Use

Perpendicular Bisector: Interactive Tutorial

Review the properties of a perpendicular bisector and how to create one.

Complete the Interactive Tutorial. Make sure you know why the perpendicular bisector you create satisfies the definition of a perpendicular bisector.

IGD: Perpendicular Bisector

To use this online tool, read the Instructions and click on the “Draw Congruent Circles” button. This will create circles around points A and B. Now use your mouse to drag point A or point B so that the circles intersect and a perpendicular bisector is created, using points P and Q. Make sure you know why certain line segments and triangles are congruent and what that tells you about the measurement of the angle between the original line segment and your perpendicular bisector.