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Surf For More Math


Lesson 7: Dividing by Numbers Greater than 1


Divide by decimals greater than 1.

Instructions for Use

Division of Decimals by Whole Numbers

To use Division of Decimals by Whole Numbers, read the description, scroll down to “Practice”, and click on “Start”. A pair of decimals will display at the left of the equals sign as a timer counts elapsed time in the “Report Totals” box below. Enter your answer in the box right of the equals sign. If correct, a new pair of decimals will be displayed. If not, an error box will display the correct answer. Click “Ok” to resume play. You can vary the game by scrolling down to “Play” and clicking on one of the 3 yellow boxes at left.

Decimal Cruncher - Divide

To use Decimals Cruncher – Divide, make sure that “DIVIDE” at top right is highlighted by brackets. Then click on “medium” or “hard” until a divide by numbers greater than 1 problem appears below. Type your answer in the answer box below that and click on the “???” box to its right. If your answer is correct you will see “Cool! You got it!” in the thumbs-up box to the right. If not, you will see “Bummer!” and the correct answer in the bomb box below. The game tracks your correct answers in a percentage box near the bottom of the screen. Note: Occasionally when “hard” is clicked a divide by numbers less than 1 problem will appear. You can solve these problems or click on “hard” again to get another problem.