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Surf For More Math


Lesson 6: Dividing by Numbers Less than 1


Divide by one-digit decimals to solve problems.

Instructions for Use

Dividing Decimals

To use Dividing Decimals, read the procedures at top, scroll down to “Dividing Decimals”, and click on “Start”. A pair of decimals will display at the left of the equals sign as a timer counts elapsed time in a box below. Enter your answer in the box right of the equals sign and click on “Check”. If correct, “Correct” displays in the large answer box below. If not, the correct answer displays in the answer box. In either case, a new pair of decimals will display at left to be solved. Your score and percentage correct are displayed in counter boxes below the answer box. To clear entries and begin again, click on “Reset”.  You can also vary the game by scrolling down to “Play” and clicking on one of the 3 boxes at left.