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Surf For More Math


Lesson 10: Expressing Decimals as Fractions


Write decimals as fractions.

Instructions for Use

Match Fractions and Decimals

To use Match Fractions and Decimals, click on one square to see the fraction or decimal below. Then click on a second square to see if the decimal or fraction below that square is equivalent. If not, both values will be hidden again and you must try to remember what and where they are. Now click on a third square. If you think its fraction or decimal is equivalent to that of a square you have of previously uncovered, click on that square to see if you have a match. If so, two parts of the picture puzzle below will appear. Continue trying until you have uncovered the entire picture, then click on “PLAY AGAIN” to try to uncover the picture in even fewer moves.

Find Fractions and their Matching Decimal Equivalents

To use Find Fractions and their Matching Decimal Equivalents, follow the instructions given above for Match Fractions and Decimals.

Fraction Decimal Conversion 

To use Fraction Decimal Conversion, click on a decimal on the grid and then on its fractional equivalent. If you are correct, the decimal and fraction will disappear to reveal parts of the underlying design. If not, nothing will happen and you will need to try again. When you succeed in matching all the decimals with their fractions a yellow star will float down to the right of the grid. To make the decimals or fractions easier to read, click on “Change size”. To get help, click on “Show answers”.  To begin a new game, click on “Start over.”