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Surf For More Math


Lesson 5: Exploring Fraction Addition on Grids


Add fractions with grids and counters.

Instructions for Use

Fractions - Adding - NLVM

To use Fractions–Adding–NLVM, read the instructions at the bottom of the screen and decide on a common denominator.  To help choose, use the up and down arrows under the grids or circles. Then type in your choice of denominator and numerator equivalents into each of the fraction boxes provided and click “Check” to see if your answers are correct. If they aren’t, an error message will display below. If they are correct, an equation showing the equivalents will appear below the grids or circles. Click and drag the red and blue coloured areas into the answer gird or circle and type in the denominator and numerator of the sum. Now click “Check”. If your answer isn’t correct an error message will prompt you to change it. If it is correct, you will be asked to click the “New Problem” button to continue. You can change the level of difficulty to “Easier”, “Harder”, or “Hardest” at the same time.

Adding Unlike Fractions

To use Adding Unlike Fractions, read the instructions and click on “New Problem”. Type in the common denominator in the box provided and press “Enter”. If correct, chimes sound and a numerator box displays. Type in the numerator and press “Enter”. If correct, the numerator box for the next fraction displays. Type in the second numerator and press “Enter”. If correct, the sum is displayed and the chimes ring. In the case of wrong answers, a blooper noise signals you to change your values.