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Surf For More Math


Lesson 4: Subtracting Fractions with Fraction Strips


Subtract fractions less than 1 using fraction strips.

Instructions for Use

Subtract Fractions

To use Subtract Fractions, scroll down to read the instructions and then scroll up and click on “Start” to see the minuend. Type the fraction in the “Whole”, “Numerator”, and “Denominator” boxes at upper right and click “OK”. If correct, a subtrahend is displayed below and the fraction for the minuend appears. Type the subtrahend fraction in the 3 upper right boxes and click “OK” to see it appear below to the right of the first, followed by an “=” sign. Now type the difference in the 3 upper right boxes and click “OK”. If right, “Difference is correct!” is displayed. Incorrect values at any stage will bring up an error message prompting you to re-enter the correct values. To begin a new game, click on “New Example”. To see the correct way to subtract the fractions, click on “Explain”. To view your score and print a report card, click on “Report”.

Subtract Unlike Fractions

To use Subtract Unlike Fractions, read the instructions and click on “New Problem”. Type in the common denominator in the box provided and press “Enter”. If correct, chimes sound and a numerator box displays. Type in the numerator and press “Enter”. If correct, the numerator box for the next fraction displays. Type in the second numerator and press “Enter”. If correct, the difference is displayed and the chimes ring. In the case of wrong answers, a blooper noise signals you to change your values.