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Web Quests

Chapter 7: Fractions

Equivalent Fractions



How much do you know about equivalent fractions? You will use the knowledge you have gained to complete several activities. After completing the activities you will be able to identify and order equivalent fractions and make some of your own.


Go through each of the following tasks to demonstrate your knowledge of equivalent fractions. Once you have finished the tasks, create a poster to show everything you know about equivalent fractions.



  1. Melvin's Make a Match will give you practice identifying equivalent fractions. Look at a variety of fractions and match it to the equivalent.
  2. BBC Fractions will give you practice to order and compare fractions. See if you can figure out which fraction is the greatest. Then check your answers.
  3. Equivalent Fractions will give you practice making equivalent fractions. You will be given a fraction and you will need to make the equivalent. You can also print off a recording sheet from this site to record your answers.
  4. Finally, create a poster to display what you have learned about equivalent fractions. Your poster should show why fractions can be equivalent, the definition of equivalent fractions, how equivalent fractions can be used and finally show some examples of equivalent fractions.



Melvin's Make a Match

BBC Fractions

Equivalent Fractions


poster paper




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