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Chapter 11: 2-D and 3-D Geometry
Quad Tour


From above, many streets look like lines, and a street map of a town or city looks like a big collection of quadrilaterals and other shapes all jumbled together.



Your challenge is to find a street map that shows as many different quadrilaterals as possible, and to figure out a route that would allow you to see all the different quadrilaterals.



  1. Go to Google Canada and choose Maps.
  2. Choose a city, town, or other road map.
  3. Look for an area in the road map that has lots of different quadrilaterals. You may want to zoom in to see al of the streets.
  4. Print the map and identify each quadrilateral. Mark perpendicular sides, parallel sides, and equal sides to show your identification is correct.
  5. Mark a route you could travel to see all of the different quadrilaterals.




Google Canada




Criteria Work meets standard of excellence Work meets standard of proficiency Work meets acceptable standard Work does not yet meet acceptable standard
Uses visualization to explain concepts
Uses visual representations insightfully to demonstrate a thorough understanding. Uses visual representations meaningfully to demonstrate a reasonable understanding. Uses visual representations simply to demonstrate a basic understanding.. Uses visual representations poorly to demonstrate an incomplete understanding.
Makes generalizations
Comprehensively analyzes situations and makes insightful generalizations. Completely analyzes situations and makes logical generalizations. Superficially analyzes situations and makes simple generalizations. Is unable to analyze situations and make generalizations.
Organizes and displays results
Organizes and displays results in effective and clear ways that enhance interpretation. Organizes and displays results in appropriate and reasonably clear ways that assist interpretation. Organizes and displays results in a somewhat appropriate and partially clear way that may make inferring necessary by the reader. Organizes and displays results in haphazard and/or unclear ways that impede interpretation.