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Surf For More Math


Lesson 3: Estimating Decimal Sums and Differences

Use these interactive activities to encourage your child to have fun on the Web while learning about adding and subtracting decimals.

Estimate sums and differences with decimals.

Builds Upon
Student Book pages 88–91


Instructions for Use

Laser Beam allows your child to estimate sums and differences by rounding decimals.

Blast meteors as you answer addition and subtraction questions. Select the “Intermediate” level. Round the decimals and then estimate the sum or difference.


Math at the Mall  allows your child to add and subtract decimals to purchase items at the mall.

Use the arrow keys to move your character around the mall. To get the various places in mall, please move your character to the very end of the pathway. At every location you will have to use your adding and subtracting skills to complete several tasks, such as depositing money at the bank, or purchasing toys at the toy store.