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Surf For More Math


Lesson 1: Multiplying by Skip Counting

Use these interactive activities to encourage students to have fun on the Web while learning about multiplication and division. Students can try these activities on their own or in pairs.


Use the strategy of skip counting to multiply.

Builds Upon

Student Book pages 170-173

Instructions for Use

Multiple Matrix allows students to test their knowledge of multiplication.

To use Multiple Matrix, move the cursor over the numbers under “View Multiples” to see all the multiples in the grid. Use this to practice your times tables before playing the game. Choose a question by clicking on the “?”. Answer it by clicking on the correct numbers in the grid. You will not be able to “View Multiples” while there is a question to answer.

When you have answered all the questions, you will receive a bonus question in the silver box. Answer it by typing in your answer to win. Click on “New Game” to play again.


Colour It! allows students to practice multiplying.

To use Colour It!, colour the picture to find the hidden object. Click on a coloured crayon to choose it. Use the yellow crayon to colour any multiples of 2. Use the grey crayon to colour any numbers that are not multiples of 2. If you need help, press and hold down the “H” key on your keyboard and a table showing all the multiples of 2 will appear on the screen. When you have completed the picture, click on “Try a New Picture” and try work with other multiple sets.