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Surf For More Math


Lesson 7: Multiply 3-digit Numbers


Multiply 3-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers using expanded form.

Instructions for Use

Batter's Up allows students to solve multiplication problems using personal strategies.

To start “Batter’s Up” click on “Start Game”. Select your math challenge – “single” is easy, “double” is medium and “homerun” is hard. After you have selected the challenge, a screen will come up with a math problem. Select the answer from the answer grid by clicking on the correct answer. If you get it right, you move your players around the bases. If you select the incorrect answer, you get a strike and, just like real Baseball, three strikes and you’re out and three outs and the game is over. After your get the right answer or one out, select your math challenge again and play another player. Your goal is to beat the visitors score and win the baseball game.

Math Playground allows students to solve multiplication problems mentally.

To start “Math Playground” click on “Start” at the bottom of the screen. Read the problem carefully and type your answer into the white box. Click “Check” to see if your answer is correct. The correct answer will appear in the white circle in the right hand corner. If you are correct, you will get a point. Use mental math strategies to solve as many problems correctly as you can.