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Surf For More Math


Lesson 6: Communicating About Solving Problems


Explain your thinking when solving a problem.

Instructions for Use

Draggable Math allows students to demonstrate an understanding of multiplication.

Read the instructions on the opening screen. Click on “Multiplication”. Select the number of problems and then the number of digits for each problem and enter your name in the white box. Click on “Play” to start. Complete problems by dragging large numbers to their correct places. Use the small numbers for borrowing, carrying or regrouping. Drag the black square over a small number when replacing a carried number, or just draf a new small number and place it over the old one. Use the “clear” button if you make a mistake and want to start again. After you are complete, type the answer into the box next to “Q =” at the top of the screen and click “Check” to see if your answer is correct.

Math Playground allows students to solve multiplication problems mentally.

To start “Math Playground” click on “Start” at the bottom of the screen. Read the problem carefully and type your answer into the white box. Click “Check” to see if your answer is correct. The correct answer will appear in the white circle in the right hand corner. If you are correct, you will get a point. Use mental math strategies to solve as many problems correctly as you can.