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Surf For More Math


Lesson 4: Constructing Prisms


Construct prisms using pattern blocks and modeling clay.

Instructions for Use

Hidden Picture allows students to identify and name a selection of geometric shapes.

To play “Hidden Picture” read the geometric shape or attribute at the bottom of the screen and click on the shape or attribute on the grid. If you are correct, the square will clear to uncover part of the hidden picture. If you select the incorrect shape or attribute, nothing will happen to the picture and you will get another shape or attribute at the bottom of the screen. Match all the shapes to their names to uncover a picture.

Geometric Shapes allows students to identify examples of rectangular and triangular prisms.

To use the activity, look at the shape displayed on the screen. Click on the down arrow on the drop-down box and select the name of the shape or attribute and click on the “enter” button. If your answer is not correct, the correct name will come up. Try to get all your answers correct!