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Surf For More Math


Lesson 2: Extending Patterns in Tables

Use these interactive activities to encourage your child to have fun on the Web while learning about patterns in mathematics. Your child can try these activities on their own or in pairs.


Use tables to identify and extend patterns.

Builds Upon

Student Book pages 8–11

Instructions for Use

Ambleweb Function Machine lets your child choose the operation used to produce a sequence of numbers and to then identify the pattern.

To use Ambleweb Function Machine, click on either of the “Add” buttons under “Single Step Operations”.  Then enter a number in the “INPUT” box on the new window that displays and click on “ACTIVATE”. Another number will appear in the “OUTPUT” box that gives you a clue as to the pattern involved. For another clue, click on “CLEAR” in the “PROGRAM” box below and then enter a new number in the “INPUT” box and click on “ACTIVATE”. Continue doing this until you can say what the pattern is and then check your answer by clicking on the “REVEAL PROGRAM” button in the middle box below. To play again, click on “CHOOSE” in the “MACHINES” box and follow the procedures above.

Missing Numbers allows your child to identify missing numbers in sequential patterns.

To use Missing Numbers, read the story on each screen and then click on the forward arrow to see the next screen. Some screens have number patterns with missing numbers represented by blank boxes. Look at the patterns, click on the down arrow in each box, and select the right missing numbers. “Yep! That is the correct answer!” will display in a new box if you are right, or “No, that is not right, try again.” if you are wrong. Click on “OK” to correct wrong answers and to continue filling in missing numbers in the patterns. Click on the back arrow, if needed, to review previous screens.

Spooky Sequences lets your child identify sequential number patterns and fill in missing numbers.

To use Missing Numbers, read the instructions and click on “Begin”. Six ghosts appear in sequence, 5 bearing numbers and 1 a question mark. Look for the pattern in the numbers you see. To identify the missing number, click on the numbers below the ghosts and then on “ENTER”. If you are right, “Well Done!” will display as the ghosts vanish to be replaced by new ones. If you are wrong, “Incorrect, press ‘C’ and try again.” will display. Correct your answer and keep playing until all the ghosts are gone and your score is displayed. To play again, click on “Main”.