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Surf for More Math


Lesson 7: Creating Number Patterns

Use these interactive activities to encourage students to have fun on the Web while learning about creating number patterns. Students can try these activities on their own or in pairs.


Create number patterns to solve a problem.

Builds Upon

Student Book pages 18–19

Instructions for Use

Super Sequencer allows students to create increasing patterns in a counter.

Select a starting number. Then fill in the “Increment,” or number that you would like the pattern to increase by. Choose a speed to view the sequence at. You may want to record the numbers on a piece of paper as they appear. Click the pause button in the middle to stop the sequence or the rewind button (<<) to try another increasing pattern.

The 100 Square (SMART Notebook-Compatible) allows students to manipulate a 100 chart. You should set this activity up for students. You may want to adapt the SMART Notebook file to suit your class.

Draw shapes around patterns on a 100 chart, and then move them to other spots. Then change tile colours, or drag tiles or columns to create patterns. Create the same pattern on the last 100 chart to see it shown differently.