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Lesson 2: Representing and Renaming Numbers


Represent and rename numbers to 1000.

Builds Upon

Student Book pages 30–31

Instructions for Use

Base Blocks allows your child to build different models of given numbers using base ten blocks. Note that your child may need support understanding how to use different blocks to represent the same number.

At the bottom right, click the down arrow next to “Columns = 4” to change it to “Columns = 3.” Use base ten blocks to represent a three-digit number in different ways. Click blocks at the top of the chart so that they appear in the columns below. The number currently represented in the chart will appear to the right of the chart. You may use 100s, 10s, or 1s. To delete one of the blocks, click and drag it into the garbage bin at the bottom right of the chart. To clear the chart, click “Clear.” Then try representing the same number using a different combination of base ten blocks.