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Lesson 2: Measuring Mass with Non-Standard Units

Use these interactive activities to encourage students to have fun on the Web while learning about the mass of objects. Students can try these activities on their own or in pairs.


Explore the effect of a unit’s size on the resulting measurement.
[C, CN, ME, R]

Instructions for Use

Bunny Balance lets students estimate the mass of objects using non-standard units.

To use Bunny Balance, drag the bunnies onto the seesaw. Try to make them balance.

Simple Scales lets students measure the mass of objects.

To use Simple Scales, drag and drop a toy onto the scales. Record the weight of the toy. Try the next toy. Compare the mass of each toy.

Weigh it Up lets students measure, and record the mass of objects using non-standard units.

To use Weigh it Up, click on the + to add a shape. Click on the − to remove a shape. Click on Check to see if the scales balance. To clear the scales, click the Reset button.

Pan Balance prompts students to use a pan balance to determine which item is heavier.

To use Pan Balance, place weights on each pan of the balance by dragging the shapes and releasing the mouse button. The Count Items button shows how many shapes are on the balance. The Show Array button shows how many shapes are on the balance in a row. The Reset Balance button clears the balance and keeps the weights the same. The New Problem button clears the balance and changes the weights.