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Surf for More Math

Chapter 3: Introducing Addition and Subtraction

Lesson 11: Focus on Literature: Adding and Subtracting in Stories

Use these interactive activities to encourage students to have fun on the Web while learning about addition and subtraction. Students can try these activities on their own or in pairs.


Explore addition and subtraction situations by sharing a storybook.

[CN, PS]

Instructions for Use

Build a Train allows students to add and subtract numbers 1 to 4.

To start Build a Train, watch as the screen shows how the game is played.


To play Build a Train, click on the die to roll it.


If the die shows a + sign, you will build cars onto the train.  If the die shows a – sign, you will take trains cars away.


Following the direction on the die, click on the cars on the track below to add them to the train, or click on the cars on the train to subtract them from the train.


Click “OK” to complete your move.


Continue until your train is complete.