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Surf for More Math

Chapter 3: Introducing Addition and Subtraction

Lesson 5: Creating Addition Stories

Use this interactive activity to encourage students to have fun on the Web while learning about addition and subtraction. Students can try this activity on their own or in pairs.


Create and solve number stories involving addition.

[C, PS, R]

Instructions for Use

Farm Addition allows students to solve number stories involving addition.

To play Farm Addition, look at the addition sentences involving chicks on a farm.

Click and drag the numbers from the top of the screen that complete the addition sentences.

Adding Bricks allows students to solve number stories involving addition.

To start Adding Bricks, click “Start”.

To use Adding Bricks, look at the two groups of bricks and the addition sentence that describes the two groups.

Type the sum in the blank text box.

Click “Check” to check your answer.

Click the arrow to reveal another addition problem.