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Surf for More Math

Chapter 1: Patterning

Lesson 11: Creating Patterns

Use these interactive activities to encourage students to have fun on the Web while learning about patterning. Students can try these activities on their own or in pairs.


Create and extend patterns.

Analyze patterns to identify the part that repeats.

[C, PS, V]

Instructions for Use

Patterning allows students to make patterns in a room using objects sorted by one attribute.

To start Patterning, click on the “game 2” link on the left.

To use Patterning, drag and drop objects on the bookshelf to make patterns on the bed, walls, floor, and hat.

Click on the “play again” button to get a new number of objects.

Cyber Pattern Player allows students to listen to and create rhythmic patterns.

To start Cyber Pattern Player, click on the picture that says “Cyber Patter Player”.

To use Cyber Pattern Player, click on the yellow squares to hear the pattern.

Click the "Next" button to hear and see more complicated patterns. Each horizontal row is a different instrument. Click on any of the squares to turn a sound on, click on the square again and the sound turns off.

Click on the "Funky Pattern" buttons to hear pre-made patterns.

Click on the "More Sounds" button to load new sounds into the player.

Click the "Erase All" button to clear all patterns.

Pattern Builder allows students to create a pattern with sound.

To start Pattern Builder, click on the “Pattern Builder” link.

To use Pattern Builder, click on the piano keys to create a pattern.

Click on the “Play Pattern” button to hear the pattern.

Click on the “Sounds” button to change the sound of the pattern.

Click on the “New Pattern” button to create a new pattern.