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Foundation Statements

Mathematics 10 was developed to support the Principles of Mathematics, Grade 10 Academic program as defined in the Ontario Mathematics Curriculum for Grades 9–12. The student text and Teacher Resource present an instructional program based on the following principles for effective mathematics learning and teaching.

Every mathematics student should:

  • understand he or she will succeed by accepting responsibility for his or her own learning and work accordingly.
  • expect to be shown, through realistic and meaningful contexts, why mathematics is important for the student.
  • explore concepts before formalizing, generalizing, or learning technical terminology.
  • feel he or she is part of a learning community that encourages meaningful discourse and the use of student-friendly language.
  • be given the opportunity to understand fundamental ideas and master essential skills.
  • be informed about his or her progress through regular and varied assessments, including self- and peer-assessment, of his or her learning achievements.
  • be encouraged and be expected to solve problems, pose questions, explore alternatives, and justify reasoning.
  • feel free to select from various strategies, procedures, and tools, including appropriate technologies, when deciding how to approach a problem or conduct research.
  • be expected to evaluate different approaches to a problem and report on the limitations, disadvantages, or advantages of a particular approach.
  • regard the student text as a complete resource that supports classroom study, independent learning, and review.