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The Chapter Problem: Mechanical Engineering


Mechanical Engineer — Job Description

  Bicycle Design — Information and Exploration

Challenge 1

  Wheelchair Ramp Codes — Information

 Challenge 2

  Understanding Weather Satellites — Information and Resources

5.2 Investigating and Comparing Triangles

  Exploring Similar Figures — Exploration
  Exploring Congruency and Similarity — Exploration

5.4 Modelling with Similar Triangles

  Similar Triangles and Shadow Reckoning — Tutorial

5.6 Investigating the Connection Between Slope and Angle

  Slope — Exploration
  The role of m in y = mx + b — Exploration

5.7 The Primary Trigonometric Ratios

  The Sine Ratio — Tutorial
  The Cosine Ratio — Tutorial
  The Tangent Ratio — Tutorial
  The Primary Trigonometric Ratios — Tutorial and Exploration

5.8 Solving Problems Using Right Triangle Models and Trigonometry

  Solving Right Triangles — Tutorial
  Right Triangle Solvers — Online Calculator