From Patterns to Algebra
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Dr. Marian Small says...

"As someone deeply committed to the belief that all students can explore mathematics and understand important mathematical ideas when they are presented meaningfully, it is reassuring to see a resource, like this one, that is committed to the same belief.

I highly recommend this resource for any Grade 4 to 10 teachers who are seeking to enhance their students’ learning about linear patterns and linear relations."

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by Dr. Marian Small


From Patterns to Algebra is an innovative professional learning resource that identifies how students construct algebraic reasoning beginning with patterning in the early grades.

Written by Dr. Ruth Beatty and Dr. Catherine D. Bruce, two of Canada's leading math educators, From Patterns to Algebra presents a full lesson sequence for Patterns and Algebra, along with ready-to-use lesson plans and activities to help students develop a deep understanding of linear relationships across the elementary and secondary grades.


Key Features:

  • Maps out a highly effective lesson sequence for teaching to the big ideas of Linear Relationships in the Patterns and Algebra strand
  • Includes all the math background, lessons, and assessment tools to help students develop and build on key concepts over multiple years
  • Helps teachers discover ways to link math learning from the elementary to the secondary grades
  • Is based on Canadian curriculum, Canadian research, and seven years of field-testing with over 1000 students



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