Reference Material

Site of the well-known dictionary and thesaurus. Well organized and quick.

A fantastic site. Provides a comprehensive list of reference material (hundreds to choose from). A definite bookmark.

Brittanica Encyclopedia
Site of the famous encyclopedia. Provides thousands of quick descriptions of important sociological issues, theories, and theorists. Bookmark this one!

Statistics Canada
Federal service generates statistics about Canadian society and industries.

Compton's Encyclopedia
A substantial encyclopedia. Useful, but not as intelligently constructed as Brittanica.

Microsoft?s stab at the encyclopedia market. Easy to navigate, but the information is pitched at a younger, less educated audience.

Funk and Wagnall's
Dictionary and thesaurus. Well organized and simple.

Encyclopedia Proteus
Includes a set of online encyclopedias, including Brittanica and Infoplease.

LibWeb: Library Servers via WWW
Links to more than 3000 libraries worldwide. Updated daily.

National Library of Canada
Links to various Canadian libraries and other online resources

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