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Modern Food Service Purchasing: Business Essentials to Procurement, 1st Edition

  • Robert B. Garlough
  • ISBN-10: 1418039640
  • ISBN-13: 9781418039646
  • 864 Pages | Hardcover
  • COPYRIGHT: 2011 Published
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About the Product

MODERN FOOD SERVICE PURCHASING is designed specifically to provide culinary arts professionals with current, in-depth coverage of the essential concepts of purchasing, storeroom operations, and financial stewardship. This comprehensive resource brings together under one cover the four fundamentals of contemporary food service purchasing: Market and distribution systems Storeroom operations Cost controls Product information Delivering a chef-focused overview of financial management and the formulas used to control a successful business, Modern Food Service Purchasing explains in detail how to set up a successful storeroom operation while providing chefs and buyers with a comprehensive reference that will deliver value for years to come. Extensive color photography, useful charts and forms, and a comprehensive glossary of key terms round out the coverage.


  • Provides practical information from experienced professionals on how to set up and manage a food service storeroom operation.

  • Highlights and examines the fundamental considerations that must be taken into account when purchasing food.

  • Introduces and explains the often-overlooked scientific applications in food service.

  • Covers latest information on HIPAA laws and legislation, including the Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act.

  • Provides informative, real-life commentary and insights into purchasing from some 30 food service professionals.

  • Foreword by seven-time Culinary Olympics champion and celebrated chef-author Charles Carroll.

About the Author

Robert B. Garlough

Robert Garlough is a Chef Emeritus at The Secchia Institute for Culinary Education at Grand Rapids Community College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He is also a partner of My Chef, Inc., located in Naperville, Illinois, and the author of MODERN FOOD SERVICE PURCHASING. He holds a Masters Degree and has received many culinary awards, including the prestigious CHRIE Chef Herman Breithaupt Award and the ACF National Educator of the Year. Mr. Garlough is an active member of national and international culinary associations and the author of the new culinary text, MODERN FOOD SERVICE PURCHASING.

Table of Contents

Part I. Procurement: Dynamics of Food Service Purchasing.
1. The Purchasing Function: An Overview.
2. Food Laws and the Market and Distribution Systems.
3. Practical Considerations for Buying Decisions
4. Modern Applications of Food Science.
Part II. Purchasing Management: Mastering the Storeroom.
5. Measuring and Packaging for Preservation, Sale, and Distribution.
6. The Ingredient Process.
7. The Physical Storeroom.
8. Receiving, Storing, and Issuing.
9. Cost Control Measures for Food Service Operations.
10. Security Issues with Vendors, Employees and Customers.
Part III. The Commodities: Developing Product Knowledge.
11. Herbs, Spices, Minerals, and Flavoring Agents.
12. Bakery Supplies.
13. Meats and Offal.
14. Poultry and Game.
15. Fish and Shellfish.
16. Fruits.
17. Vegetables.
18. Eggs, Dairy, and Cheese.
19. Vegetarian and Special Dietary Products.
20. Beverages.
21. Postscript: Futurist Thoughts on Food Service
Appendix A. Financial and Cost Control Formulas.
Appendix B. Standard Measurement Conversions.
Appendix C. Approximate Ingredient Volume to Weight Equivalents.
Appendix D. Management Checklists.
Appendix E. Cost Control Forms.
Appendix F. Food Service Industry Resources.
Appendix G. State Alcohol Control Boards.
Appendix H. Hospitality Professional Organizations.
Appendix I. Commodity Organizations.


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Instructor Supplements

Classroom Manager  (ISBN-10: 1418039667 | ISBN-13: 9781418039660)

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