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Illustrated Course Guide: Microsoft® Excel® 2013 Advanced, Spiral bound Version, 1st Edition

  • Lynn Wermers
  • ISBN-10: 1285093410
  • ISBN-13: 9781285093413
  • 144 Pages | Spiralbound
  • Previous Editions: 2012, 2008, 2004
  • COPYRIGHT: 2014 Published
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About the Product

Loved by instructors for the visual and flexible way to build computer skills, the Illustrated Course Guides are ideal for teaching Microsoft Excel 2013 to students across experience levels. Each two-page spread focuses on a single skill, making information easy to follow and absorb. The Illustrated Course Guides split Microsoft Excel 2013 concepts and skills into three manageable levels – Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced – perfect for workshops or accelerated courses.


  • Helps students learn the essentials of using Microsoft Excel 2013 -- including step-by-step instructions on creating worksheets, working with formulas and functions, and creating charts.

  • Unique visual design presents each skill on two facing pages, and keeps learners of all levels engaged and on track.

  • Predicts commonly made mistakes and offers "Quick Tips" within the step-by-step directions to help students avoid typical errors and pitfalls.

  • Serves as a great reference both during and after the course.

About the Author

Lynn Wermers

Lynn Wermers is a professor in the Computer Science Department at North Shore Community College in Massachusetts, where she teaches IT, data management, data analysis and web development courses. She also teaches part-time in the math department for the College of Professional Studies at Northeastern University. Ms. Wermers has authored numerous leading books that focus on Excel for Cengage Learning.

Table of Contents

Unit L: Analyze Data with PivotTables.
Unit M: Exchange Data with Other Programs.
Unit N: Share Excel Files and Incorporating Web Information.
Unit O: Customize Excel and Advanced Worksheet Management.
Unit P: Program with Excel.

New to this edition

  • Updated to reflect the changes in the latest release of Microsoft Excel 2013, including the new cloud-based capabilities.
  • Updated appendix on SkyDrive and Microsoft Office Web Apps help students learn to use Excel in the cloud.
  • New! Learning outcomes for each 2-page lesson mapped to assessments.
  • New! Design improvements help keep students engaged and on track.