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The Psychology Major's Handbook, 3rd Edition

  • Tara L. Kuther
  • ISBN-10: 1111302693
  • ISBN-13: 9781111302696
  • 256 Pages | Paperback
  • Previous Editions: 2006, 2003
  • COPYRIGHT: 2012 Published
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About the Product

This handbook, by Tara L. Kuther, offers undergraduate students the information they need to make informed decisions about whether to pursue psychology as a major and career, as well as guidance to help them succeed in their psychology course. The first chapter introduces students to the scope of psychology and the subspecialties within the field. Subsequent chapters help students assess their skills, abilities, and interests. Career opportunities at the undergraduate and graduate levels are presented so students can decide whether psychology is an appropriate major for them.


  • This practical guide provides information on everything that a psychology student needs to know in order to graduate, find employment, and/or get into graduate school.

  • The author takes an active learning approach, helping students effectively grasp, understand, and retain the material.

  • Students receive guidance on writing literature reviews and empirical papers.

About the Author

Tara L. Kuther

Tara L. Kuther, Ph.D., studied developmental psychology at Fordham University. Dr. Kuther is Professor of Psychology at Western Connecticut State University, where she teaches courses in child, adolescent, and adult psychology. She is a Fellow of the Society for Teaching of Psychology, Division Two of the American Psychological Association, and is active in the Society for Research in Child Development and the Society for Research on Adolescence. Dr. Kuther is the author of over a dozen books in addition to THE PSYCHOLOGY MAJOR'S HANDBOOK.

Table of Contents

1. What Is Psychology?
2. Choosing a Major: Is Psychology for You?
3. Take an Active Role in Your Education.
4. Study Tips: Tools for Academic Success.
5. Writing a Literature Review.
6. Writing an Empirical Paper.
7. What Can I Do with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology?
8. Finding a Job with Your Bachelor's Degree.
9. What Can I Do with a Graduate Degree in Psychology?
10. Applying to Graduate School in Psychology.

New to this edition

  • The handbook is thoroughly updated to include the most up-to-date information on careers available to those with a bachelor's, master's, or doctoral degree in psychology.
  • The Third Edition of THE PSYCHOLOGY MAJOR'S HANDBOOK includes additional quizzes, exercises, and checklists to help readers employ the techniques described in this book and take an active role in their professional development.
  • Each chapter in Third Edition now includes at least two exercises and three prompts for journal writing, in-class assignments, or take-home essays.
  • In depth discussions of areas such as ethics (Chapter 1), what students learn in college and what an education in psychology adds (Chapter 2), how to become active outside of the classroom through applied activities and participation in organizations (Chapter 3), and the value of considering careers by skills rather than setting (Chapter 7) have been added to increase students' awareness in these important areas.
  • Each chapter has been reorganized and streamlined to better meet the needs of the modern student.