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Going Pro with Ableton Live, 1st Edition

  • G. W. Childs IV
  • ISBN-10: 1435460383
  • ISBN-13: 9781435460386
  • 208 Pages | Paperback
  • COPYRIGHT: 2014 Published
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About the Product

Ableton Live's popular loop-based digital audio workstation has in recent years evolved into a full-fledged product that commands the respect and attention of...everyone. This streamlined manual is dedicated to professionals and advanced hobbyists in search of quick and easy answers (in the form of step-by-step instructions) to any and every question recording engineers, producers, and artists will ask about using this powerful software. GOING PRO WITH ABLETON LIVE's illustrated, workflow-oriented set of tutorials addresses the issues most commonly encountered in both the professional and home studio, giving sound professionals the tools they need to optimize each performance according to that artist's unique needs and specifications.


  • Teaches professional tips and techniques in Ableton Live.

  • Explains how to enhance your workflow, ensuring your time is well-spent.

  • Presents expert-level material through easy-to-learn and easy-to-use concepts.

Table of Contents

1. Techniques for Customizing Ableton's Preferences for your Workflow.
Setting up your own Template. Changing Ableton's Skin. Settings up a MIDI Controller. Setting up a Control Surface. Setting up MIDI Sync. Setting up Sample and Loop Locations. Setting up VST and AU Plug-ins. Setting up and Optimizing your Audio Interface. Setting up your inputs and outputs.
2. Song Creation Workflows in Ableton.
Understanding the Session View and it's similarities to other DAWs. Understanding the Arrange window and how it can speed up your workflow. Using Envelopes in Live to optimize your production time. Grouping in Ableton Live for speed and efficiency. Markers in Ableton Live for song, and project management. Video in Ableton Live for scoring and performance. Warping in Ableton. Ableton Shortcuts for faster workflows. Scene and clips management. Workflows for Easy Automation in Ableton.
3. Sampling and Sample Editing in Reason.
Samplers in Ableton. Working with Simpler. Working with Sampler. Working with Drum Racks. Working with Instrument Racks. Importing Audio in to Ableton. Setting Live up to DJ. Saving Project Files to Share with Others. Exporting audio from Ableton.
4. Rewire Workflows and Using Ableton with Other Producers.
Using Rewire to Send Multiple Audio Channels to your DAW of Choice. Importing MIDI in to Ableton. Tricks for Exporting loops and MIDI and then Rewiring with your DAW. Using an Ableton Instrument via Rewire in another DAW. Exporting Audio Stems from Ableton in to another DAW. Max for Ableton Live. Working with External Instruments and Effect Processors.