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MGMT, 1st Edition

  • Terri Champion
  • Ike Hall
  • Chuck Williams
  • ISBN-10: 0176502351
  • ISBN-13: 9780176502355
  • 0 Pages | Paperback
  • COPYRIGHT: 2012 Published
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About the Product

Student-driven and faculty-approved, MGMT is an innovative approach to teaching and learning principles of management. MGMT offers full course content in a more visually engaging experience with pull-out review cards-and digital components, such as interactive eBooks, auto-graded quizzing, flashcards, and games. MGMT was developed through ongoing market research with students on their learning preferences through focus groups, surveys, and user feedback. The resulting solution is then approved by faculty to ensure all key content and concepts meet course objectives. This innovative approach unites research with author Chuck Williams' unique storytelling approach, a visually rich, yet professional design, and an extensive focus on Canadian examples, legislation, and imagery. Choose MGMT for the unique principles of management solution that you and your students have created together. Designed to engage and reach today's students, MGMT says it all in four letters, reflecting how this unique solution speaks in the language of today's learner.


  • Highly visual, concise, well organized, and efficient text format and layout makes the content more accessible resulting in students are more likely to be engaged in reading the text.

  • The hybrid, text and website approach appeals to students with different learning styles, offering study tools in a variety of formats, including eBook, interactive online quizzing, flashcards, games, and more!

  • Student driven, faculty approved solution with input of hundreds of Management students and instructors.

  • Instructor prep-cards make course preparation easier by offering a quick map of chapter content, list of corresponding PowerPoint and video resources, additional examples and suggested assignments and discussion questions to help organize chapter content efficiently.

  • Contains pedagogical tools, including all key concepts, definitions, and learning outcomes.

  • Price is significantly less than other Principles of Management texts.

  • Chapter Review Cards, printable flashcards, and audio MP3 downloads help students study and prepare for class while on the go.

  • Has all of the content that instructors and students should expect in a Principles of Management resource package, uses efficient text presentation, and careful placement of assignable material on the student website or Instructors Manual

  • Student Resources for MGMT include:audio summaries, interactive quizzes, printable flashcards, glossary, powerpoint slides, e-book, and videos.

  • Faculty Resources for MGMT include: downloadable supplements (PPT, IM, TB), cases-exhibit worksheets, e-book, and chapter review cards.

  • Student website includes tools designed to both engage students, and to appeal to different learning styles, such as an interactive e-book that allows students to highlight and make notes, interactive quizzing with immediate feedback, video, and much more!

About the Author

Terri Champion

Terri Champion is a Professor of Marketing and Management in the School of Business at Niagara College where she teaches courses in Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Consumer Behaviour, and Strategic Management. She is the coordinator of the Sales and Marketing Program at Niagara College and a researcher and industry liaison for Niagara Research, specializing in applied research, innovation, and commercialization initiatives to improve the productivity and competitiveness of local SMEs. In addition, Professor Champion also coaches marketing students competing in provincial, national, and international business competitions. She holds an Honours Degree in Business Administration—Marketing and a Bachelor of Education Degree with a Business specialty from Brock University. Her teaching and research interests lie in marketing management, entrepreneurship, retailing, and consumer behaviour. Professor Champion’s professional background includes positions in sales and marketing, small business consulting, new venture development training, and consumer research. She is a member of the Canadian Professional Sales Association, the Retail Council of Canada, and the Ontario Colleges’ Marketing Competition committee.

Ike Hall

Dr. Ike Hall is a Professor at the British Columbia Institute of Technology. Dr. Hall has been the Program Head for several of the major programs in the School of Business, including the Business Management Diploma, the Post Diploma, the Graduate Certificate in Business Administration, as well at the BBA Degree. Dr. Hall received his Engineering Degree from the Royal Military College of Canada, and after retiring his commission from the Army he completed his MBA at the John Ivey School of Business. He worked as an Engineer in many different facets in Winnipeg, before moving to Vancouver where he completed his MSc at UBC. Dr. Hall worked as a Consultant, Assistant Vice President at University Hospital, and Vice President of Finance at another institution before he moved to the British Columbia Institute of Technology full time.

Chuck Williams

Dr. Chuck Williams is a Professor of Management in the Andre B. Lacy School of Business, formerly known as the College of Business, at Butler University. Dr. Williams previously served as Dean of the College of Business at Butler University, Dean of Eberhardt School of Business at the University of the Pacific, and Associate Professor of Management at the M.J. Neeley School of Business at Texas Christian University. Dr. Williams has also served as Associate Dean and Chair of Management and has taught at Michigan State University and Oklahoma State University. Dr. Williams received his BA in psychology from Valparaiso University. He specialized in organizational behavior, human resources, and strategic management while earning his MBA and PhD in business administration from Michigan State University. His research interests include employee recruitment and turnover, performance appraisal, and employee training and goal setting. Dr. Williams has published research in the Journal of Applied Psychology, the Academy of Management, Human Resource Management Review, Personnel Psychology, and the Organizational Research Methods Journal. He was a member of the Journal of Management’s editorial board and currently serves as a reviewer for numerous other academic journals. He was also webmaster for the Research Methods Division of the Academy of Management.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Management
Chapter 2: History of Management
Chapter 3: Organizational Environments and Culture
Chapter 4: Ethics and Social Responsibility
Chapter 5: Planning and Decision Making
Chapter 6: Organizational Strategy
Chapter 7: Innovation and Change
Chapter 8: Global Management
Chapter 9: Designing Adaptive Organizations
Chapter 10: Managing Teams
Chapter 11: Managing Human Resource Systems
Chapter 12: Managing Individuals and a Diverse Work Force
Chapter 13: Motivation
Chapter 14: Leadership
Chapter 15: Communication
Chapter 16: Control
Chapter 17: Managing Information
Chapter 18: Managing Service and Manufacturing Operations

New to this edition

  • NETA test bank. Nelson Education Ltd. understands that an exceptional quality multiple-choice test bank provides the means to measure higher-level thinking skills, as well as recall. To ensure the value of our test banks, we have created the Nelson Education Teaching Advantage program (NETA). NETA is a program designed to validate the quality of our testbanks in a systematic fashion.
  • Many current Canadian examples, legislation, and imagery.


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Instructor Supplements

CourseMate Instant Access Code for MGMT  (ISBN-10: 0176616993 | ISBN-13: 9780176616991)
Instructor's Resource CD for MGMT  (ISBN-10: 0176616217 | ISBN-13: 9780176616212)

Instructor’s Manual Instructor Chapter Prep Cards PowerPoint Slides Test Bank (rtf) Computerized Test Bank Cases and Exercises Exhibit Worksheets

DVD for MGMT  (ISBN-10: 0176627979 | ISBN-13: 9780176627973)

Student Supplements

CourseMate Instant Access Code for MGMT  (ISBN-10: 0176616993 | ISBN-13: 9780176616991)
DVD for MGMT  (ISBN-10: 0176627979 | ISBN-13: 9780176627973)