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Guide to Parallel Operating Systems with Windows® 10 and Linux, 3rd Edition

  • Ron Carswell
  • Shen Jiang
  • Mary Ellen Hardee
  • Amita Mahajan
  • Troy Touchette
  • ISBN-10: 1305107128
  • ISBN-13: 9781305107120
  • 640 Pages | Paperback
  • Previous Editions: 2012, 2007
  • COPYRIGHT: 2017 Published
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About the Product

Help your students examine two of the most prominent operating systems -- Windows 10 and Linux CentOS 7 -- in parallel with the unique approach within GUIDE TO PARALLEL OPERATING SYSTEMS WITH WINDOWS 10 AND LINUX, 3E. Rather than using a compare and contrast model, the book first presents each topic conceptually and then demonstrates it simultaneously on both operating systems. Readers are able to switch instantly between Windows 10 and Linux CentOS 7 to complete a myriad of hands-on activities that reinforce the similarities between the two operating systems for each conceptual task. The book’s virtualization approach provides you, the instructor, with complete flexibility while enabling learners to use Microsoft® Hyper-V Client, Oracle® VirtualBox, or VMWare Workstation. This comprehensive guide helps your students develop the competencies they need in Windows 10 and Linux to maximize their success both in today's classroom as well as in tomorrow’s business environment.


  • UNIQUE HANDS-ON APPROACH EQUIPS READERS WITH CRITICAL, HANDS-ON SKILLS AND STRONG CONCEPTUAL UNDERSTANDING. With this book’s thorough, unique approach, your students quickly master the knowledge required to work with the Windows 10 and Linux operating systems simultaneously.

  • UNIQUE VENDOR-NEUTRAL VIRTUALIZATION APPROACH PROVIDES MAXIMUM FLEXIBILITY. Your students can use Microsoft® Hyper-V Client, Oracle VirtualBox, or VMWare Workstation while working with this edition, which provides you with maximum flexibility.

  • HANDS-ON ACTIVITIES AND CASE PROJECTS INCORPORATE REAL-WORLD EXPERIENCES. The authors strive to make the book’s coverage realistic and meaningful beyond simply presenting a list of technical features. In addition to insightful content, meaningful Review Questions test readers' understanding of the book’s critical information.

  • APPENDICES SUPPORT MICROSOFT® HYPER-V CLIENT, ORACLE VIRTUALBOX, OR VMWARE WORKSTATION. These helpful appendices further your flexibility to incorporate the approach that’s best for your students and your course.

  • EXPANDED AUTHOR TEAM WEAVES DIVERSITY OF PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE AND PRACTICAL SUCCESS INTO THIS EDITION. This edition incorporates a wealth of professional insights as the author team to include top-of-the-field professionals who work with Windows and Linux on a daily basis.

About the Author

Ron Carswell

Mr. Ron Carswell has more than 20 years of computer experience with both small and large organizations. Mr. Carswell holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Texas and a master’s degree in business administration from Baylor University. He has received A+, Network+, CTT+, MCSA, MCSE, CCNA, and MCDST, MCITP, and MS:Server Virtualization with System Center certifications. He is currently a professor emeritus at San Antonio College, where he teaches MCSA, and MS:Server Virtualization certification courses. Mr. Carswell has written numerous textbooks for Course Technology and Cengage Learning. In addition, Mr. Carswell authored TEST DRIVE THE MICROSOFT PRIVATE CLOUD for Cengage PTR.

Shen Jiang

Ms. Shen Jiang -- "Sharon"-- has 11 years’ experience with large organizations. She holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Information Systems from South Dakota State University and a Master’s Degree in Linguistics from Jilin University. She is currently an assistant professor at San Antonio College, where she instructs in all levels of Database courses, CISCO, Program Logic and Design, Basic programming, and Fundamentals of Networking. Ms. Jiang ("Sharon") has earned both Oracle9i and Oracle10g Certifications. She co-authored PARALLEL OPERATING SYSTEMS WITH WINDOWS and LINUX VERSION 2.

Mary Ellen Hardee

Ms. Mary Ellen Hardee has worked in the IT field for more than 16 years with extensive hands on Linux/Unix experience. She has written many technical documents, still currently used in the Industry. She has taught IT related classes to many different types of students. She currently holds the following certifications: CCNA, Network+ and Security+, EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker, and Rackspace Certified Openstack Technician. Ms. Hardee holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems with an emphasis in Networking from Regis University.

Amita Mahajan

Ms. Amita Mahajan has more than 14 years of computer experience in different industries. She holds a Master’s degree in Information System Security from the Colorado University and a Master’s in System Administration. She has received the MCSE, CNA, CCNA certifications and has presented in many technical conferences. Recently Ms. Mahajan acquired her PMP certification. She is currently working as a Network Analyst with Alamo Colleges and is an adjunct professor at San Antonio College and Northwest Vista College, where she instructs in Microsoft® certification courses.

Troy Touchette

Mr. Troy Touchette has 19 years of computing experience working in both public and private sector organizations. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and a Masters of Engineering from McNeese State University. Mr. Touchette also received the Committee on National Security Systems (CNSS) Senior Systems Managers, CNSSI 4012 certificate from Texas A&M San Antonio. He is currently a professor and department chair of the Computer Information Systems department at San Antonio College where he has taught since 1999.

Table of Contents

1. Hardware Components.
2. Software Components.
3. Graphical User Interface.
4. Installing and Configuring Applications.
5. File Systems.
6. Directory Commands.
7. Files and File Attributes.
8. The Command Line.
9. Text Editors.
10. Scripting in Windows 10 and CentOS 7.
11. Local Network Access.
12. Operating System Management.
Appendix A: Number Systems and Data Representation.
Appendix B: Microsoft Hyper-V Virtualization.
Appendix C: Oracle Virtual Box.
Appendix D: VMWare Workstation.

New to this edition

  • NEW MATERIAL ADDRESSES THE LATEST DEVELOPMENTS IN THE FIELD. Readers examine new tools, such as Windows PowerShell including the PowerShell Integrated Scripting Environment (ISE) PowerShell cmdlets and scripting. This information is particularly beneficial to students studying for Microsoft® Server exams.
  • BOOK BLENDS A PROVEN APPROACH WITH CURRENT UPDATES. You are able to present the most recent updates for all topics that this edition addresses as well as details for maximizing the use of the latest operating systems: Windows 10 and Linux CentOS 7.
  • EXTREMELY VERSATILE APPROACHSUPPORTS ORACLE® VIRTUALBOX VIRTUALIZATION. Students learn to use this most popular cross-platform virtualization software that enables them to run multiple operating systems for Windows, Linux, or MacBook pro.
  • INCREASED EMPHASIS HIGHLIGHTS THE DEGREE OF PARALLELISM BETWEEN WINDOWS 10 AND CENTOS 7. Students gain even more hands-on practice with a variety of hands-on, skill-building activities.
  • EXPANDED AUTHOR TEAM WEAVES DIVERSITY OF PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE AND PRACTICAL SUCCESS INTO THIS EDITION. This edition incorporates an even greater wealth of professional insight as the author team has expanded to include top-of-the-field professionals who work with Windows and Linux on a daily basis.


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